February 2013

My Little 4 Month Old

Wow! I almost forgot about this months shoot… I only realized another month had passed because of my husbands birthday (same day, different month)

I am really enjoying this project so far! I love comparing them and seeing how he is changing :-)


Project 12: My Sweetie

This moths theme is “sweet”. You would think it would be an easy one… (But it wasn’t) I was trying to come up with something original and different and couldn’t seem to think of anything that was quite right. Last week I was trying out a few ideas with Lauren and the tutu I made her for Christmas. I will do a few things differently in the future (such as not using a cream floor drop with a white tutu) but overall I think they turned out really cute! She is ALL GIRL!!!


After we were done I was talking to her and the recycle truck rolled up. Instantly our conversation stopped and she was glued to the window. I was just struck by how simply beautiful she is and how much magic she sees in everyday life :-). These images just seem to reflect the magic she felt in that moment.




The contrast between the two sets of images is so striking to me! the first set is cute but the second set is who she is! It makes me that much more certain that I need to pursue lifestyle photography. It just resonates with me in ways that other types of photography doesn’t.

In our house she is know as our sweetie. She definitely makes life sweeter, there is no doubt about it and we were right on the money when we chose her nick name :-)

Moments in the middle…

This is the reason. The reason I needed to figure out how to use my camera. The reason I love this craft. There are beautiful moments that happen in this house every single day. Moments that slip through the fingers of my memory before I can even find time to write them down. I have 3 kids, 3 beautiful children and I want to remember them just as they are.

I plugged in my SD card this evening to pull off some images that I took today and I was surprised to see these. This memory had already been forgotten. I took them quickly, Noah started to get upset, Lauren needed help in the bathroom (potty training). After quickly snapping a few I set my camera down on the kitchen counter and went back to work. This thing called photography is beautiful. It makes me not just see the precious moments, but forces me to stop and appreciate them. Even after I have forgotten those moments, it then reminds me how beautiful my life is. It’s the moments in the middle of our crazy life that are so sweet, I want to savor and remember them for always.