March 2013

Toms Family Photos

It was a gorgeous day but VERY windy :-)  Fortunately for me they were all really good sports about it and we had a fantastic time!  It was my first time shooting at this location and I am sure it won’t be the last.  These people are one of the most beautiful examples of what a family really is and I was blessed that they let me capture some of what makes their family so special :-)

Blog ReelAshley, Bruce, Ray, Debra and Ali

My Project 12: Splish! Splash!

This months project theme was Song Lyrics. I can’t believe how hard it was to choose what I was going to do this month!!! I finally decided on Splish Splash and I couldn’t be happier :-). Every time I see bath pictures I think “I NEED to do that with my kids!” but with 3 kids, baths are more of a 2 parent event and normally leaves little time to take pictures. Last night we switched up the routine a bit and I was able to catch a few moments that will help me remember all of our bath time memories :-)

Splish Splash I was taking a bath, All about a Saturday night.

Splish Splash

Beautiful Baby Kate

Kate was just a few days shy of 2 months old the day we did the photo shoot.  I have seen her since then and it seems like she has already changed!  It reminds me of how quickly time goes by when they are little.  I knew I would like baby photography, but I underestimated how much I would LOVE it!!!  Baby Kate was so sweet, and simply perfect <3  I can’t wait to watch her grow!!!

I worked with an Etsy vendor, Sara Grace Accessories and she provided all of the headbands for Kate.  She has some gorgeous accessories on her site!







31Kate 3x3

Czarnecki Family Photos!

The location for these photos was a dream!  Their home sits on the edge of a beautiful lake and the day was perfectly overcast giving us the ideal weather for photos (although it was threatening rain all day) :-)  Their oldest son Kenny just joined the Navy and this was going to be his last time home for quite a while.

If that isn’t a great reason to get family pictures taken, I don’t know what is :-)


Kenny, Lori, Kenny Jr., Christopher, Taylor and don’t forget Bailey ;-)

Blog Reel Czarnecki