April 2013

Project 12: Doors and Windows

I know this month is supposed to be all about doors and windows. I figured this month would be easy but every idea I came up with seemed so obvious and “done” before. In my search for an original idea I kept on thinking about a shoot I wanted to do but wanted to do outdoors. I finally decided to try it out inside (at a window of course)

Lauren 2 years old and has the most GORGEOUS hair! I can’t even say that these photos do it justice. My Mom still reminds me when she sees her hair that I didn’t have hardly any hair until I was 3! She hasn’t had a hair cut yet and when I think about it getting cut I can’t help but cringe. I desperately wanted to document her gorgeous curls. (Along the way we also played a bit of peekaboo!)



My little 5 month old

I know I am a bit late this month but we had family visiting from Alaska. When you only get to see your family 1-2 times a year our world tends to stop spinning while they are around :-). This was the first time that my in-laws got to see Noah. My mom came down right after he was born so all that is left is my dad. He is planning on making the trip sometime next month!

Since last month Noah has learned to sit up by himself and he discovered his feet! I also can see some teeth outlines on his bottom gums. I think this month might be the last time I get to capture his gummy smile :-). He is growing up… Sometimes it makes me sad, but it is so much fun watching him discover and learn new things. The lighting wasn’t perfect, but life isn’t perfect and I love that I have this moment in print. I want to always remember how sweet this time in his life was <3