May 2013

Project 12: Water

Every Sunday after church we drive an hour so we can spend the afternoon with my husbands Grandparents and extended family. There is just something wonderful and grounding about spending time with family on a regular basis.

Out the back door of their house there is a little passage way (I have always thought it looked like an entrance to the secret garden :-) )


Once you emerge on the other side, there is a wide open field perfect for running.


Then there is this little pond that borders pasture with horses. It is simply beautiful :-)


Leave it to a boy to find something to play in the water with!


I can still see the little boy in him, but I can see the big boy too :-). Yesterday he didn’t want to hold my hand when we walked in to the store together (he wanted to on the way out though :-) ) He is changing and growing. I know these images will be even more precious to me the older he gets…


Half a year ago…

How is it possible that six whole months have passed since he was born!  With every child I have it seems like it goes even faster…  I wish I could bottle up his littleness and keep it forever!!!

I am LOVING his red hair :-)  Someone pointed out this past weekend that with a blonde, brown and now red I have a batch of Neapolitan going on in our gene pool!  I hope it stays this color as He gets older :-)

This month was kind of hard.  He has been teething and unfortunately he spent almost a week with a fever and He was obviously uncomfortable for much longer than that.  In the midst of all of his fussiness I finally was able to catch a happy morning and grab these images.  He is proudly showing off his FIRST tooth that he worked so hard to cut.

Noah 6 monthNoah 6month