Project 12

Project 12 – Chicken Little

We got chickens!!!

Our whole family is pretty excited about them but Ethan is by far the most excited :-)  We don’t have any other pets so he thinks this is a pretty big deal!  We got 8 of them but 2 of them are little and those are his favorite :-)  We have to get on to him about carrying them around everywhere!!!


We let them free range during the day in our backyard so first he has to catch them!  He is getting pretty good at it actually :-)


“Got him!!!” (yes, he refers to all of our hens as “him”) ;-)


See mom!


He LOVES this chicken!  This is the one he carries around ALL the time…  (poor chicken)


We are still working on names…  If you have any suggestions please leave a comment!


He is a good little chicken :-)

I wonder if she will still let Ethan carry her around like this when she gets older?


After a little while her little friend came over to say hello :-)


Please leave a comment and let me know what you think :-)

Project 12: Fire

This month has been CRAZY!  We are going on vacation, the garden is producing like mad, I have been canning my brains out and Noah is teething and not very happy about it!  I originally thought this month would play out so that I could do a shoot with fire weed in Alaska (on vacation) but after taking a closer look at the calendar I realized I needed to come up with another idea…  Well, I have been wanting to work on my “low light” skills so I decided to use fire as my only source of light.  I am still trying to figure out how to not have a flair without Photoshopping it out, but I like how they developed and to see Laurens serious side is a change.  She is such a smiley expressive and entertaining little girl, I don’t get to see this side of her often. :-)

_DSC0268 as Smart Object-1I can’t decide if I like this better in color or black and white…  What do you think?

_DSC0268 as Smart Object-1bwLove her eyelashes <3

_DSC0245 as Smart Object-1“Mommy, why is fire yellow?”

_DSC0256 as Smart Object-1She is so innocent, so beautiful, so perfect.

_DSC0265 as Smart Object-1“Mommy, when can I blow it out?”

_DSC0285 as Smart Object-1It is late…  goodnight :-)

Project 12: Bridges

I had a whole other idea planned for this month but I waited too long, and it has rained quite a bit, and it just didn’t happen…  This was my backup plan and I am really pleased with how it turned out!  I know they may not be “fantastic” but they are of my little boy (who wont be so little before I know it) playing with his trains and bridges.  He LOVES the bridges.  He asks if we can get more for his train set often.

_DSC0035 as Smart Object-1I love watching him play, making the sound effects, having the trains talk to each other, he creates a whole world in his imagination and I know I want to remember every detail forever. _DSC0015 as Smart Object-1 _DSC0023 as Smart Object-1_DSC0014 as Smart Object-1_DSC0012 as Smart Object-1 _DSC0011 as Smart Object-1 _DSC0010 as Smart Object-1

Project 12: Water

Every Sunday after church we drive an hour so we can spend the afternoon with my husbands Grandparents and extended family. There is just something wonderful and grounding about spending time with family on a regular basis.

Out the back door of their house there is a little passage way (I have always thought it looked like an entrance to the secret garden :-) )


Once you emerge on the other side, there is a wide open field perfect for running.


Then there is this little pond that borders pasture with horses. It is simply beautiful :-)


Leave it to a boy to find something to play in the water with!


I can still see the little boy in him, but I can see the big boy too :-). Yesterday he didn’t want to hold my hand when we walked in to the store together (he wanted to on the way out though :-) ) He is changing and growing. I know these images will be even more precious to me the older he gets…


Project 12: Doors and Windows

I know this month is supposed to be all about doors and windows. I figured this month would be easy but every idea I came up with seemed so obvious and “done” before. In my search for an original idea I kept on thinking about a shoot I wanted to do but wanted to do outdoors. I finally decided to try it out inside (at a window of course)

Lauren 2 years old and has the most GORGEOUS hair! I can’t even say that these photos do it justice. My Mom still reminds me when she sees her hair that I didn’t have hardly any hair until I was 3! She hasn’t had a hair cut yet and when I think about it getting cut I can’t help but cringe. I desperately wanted to document her gorgeous curls. (Along the way we also played a bit of peekaboo!)



My Project 12: Splish! Splash!

This months project theme was Song Lyrics. I can’t believe how hard it was to choose what I was going to do this month!!! I finally decided on Splish Splash and I couldn’t be happier :-). Every time I see bath pictures I think “I NEED to do that with my kids!” but with 3 kids, baths are more of a 2 parent event and normally leaves little time to take pictures. Last night we switched up the routine a bit and I was able to catch a few moments that will help me remember all of our bath time memories :-)

Splish Splash I was taking a bath, All about a Saturday night.

Splish Splash

Project 12: My Sweetie

This moths theme is “sweet”. You would think it would be an easy one… (But it wasn’t) I was trying to come up with something original and different and couldn’t seem to think of anything that was quite right. Last week I was trying out a few ideas with Lauren and the tutu I made her for Christmas. I will do a few things differently in the future (such as not using a cream floor drop with a white tutu) but overall I think they turned out really cute! She is ALL GIRL!!!


After we were done I was talking to her and the recycle truck rolled up. Instantly our conversation stopped and she was glued to the window. I was just struck by how simply beautiful she is and how much magic she sees in everyday life :-). These images just seem to reflect the magic she felt in that moment.




The contrast between the two sets of images is so striking to me! the first set is cute but the second set is who she is! It makes me that much more certain that I need to pursue lifestyle photography. It just resonates with me in ways that other types of photography doesn’t.

In our house she is know as our sweetie. She definitely makes life sweeter, there is no doubt about it and we were right on the money when we chose her nick name :-)

My Project 12 – Black and White

I couldn’t help myself!  I saw a little girl playing dressed up with her mommy’s wedding dress on Pinterest and I knew instantly that I wanted a photo of Lauren in mine!!!  I decided to use this months theme of Black and White to capture it.  I am a mother before a photographer, so I am not sure if these are “technically perfect” but they are of my baby girl and I think she is absolutely beautiful. :-)DSC_0169 - Version 2DSC_0204 - Version 2DSC_0162DSC_0317 DSC_0206 DSC_0168 - Version 2 (2)DSC_0163 - Version 2

If you would like to join myself and some others in this project, head over to My Project 12 and take a look around!  The more, the merrier :-)