Huntsville & Madison Family Children Lifestyle Photographer Jenni M Photography – Sitter Session

These two girls!  Goodness <3

This was the little ones mini session but I couldn’t resist getting some sister shots.  I got to know big sister when her Mama contacted me for her first birthday photo-shoot.  We had a blast and she was just adorable!  I was super excited to hear from them again when her baby sister was born for newborn photos.  I personally take it as a huge compliment when my clients choose me over and over again. <3

She wasn’t sure about my big camera but for a mini session, we got so many super sweet shots and I can’t wait to show them all to their proud parents!

I specialize in “Family” Photography (Children, Newborn, Birth and of course Families) with a lifestyle and fine art twist.  I love this style blend as it helps me focus on showcasing the unique bond and beautiful connections that are found in your own relationships and imagination.

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Huntsville & Madison Family Lifestyle Newborn Photographer – Jenni M Photography

This little one slept like an angel!  I absolutely love what I do and lifestyle family photography is probably my favorite but then there’s newborns. <3  They take more time (normally around 3 hours) and their gallery’s take longer to edit because of all their little details but oh how I love them!  There is nothing better than being reminded of how precious “fresh” tiny people are, and then to watch how their parents have completely fallen in love with them…  It is a gorgeous thing and I hope I never take it for granted.

This little one is the first baby in this beautiful family.  I can honestly say that she couldn’t be more loved.  It was evident in every touch, every look and every word. <3

2016-05-23_0001 2016-05-23_0002 2016-05-23_0004 2016-05-23_00032016-05-23_0005 2016-05-23_0006 2016-05-23_00082016-05-23_0007


I specialize in “Family” Photography (Children, Newborn, Birth and of course Families)
as well as weddings and focus on showcasing the unique bond
and beautiful connections that are found in your own relationships.

To book a session call (907-942-2358) or email

I would love to hear from you!


Huntsville & Madison Photographer Newborn Lifestyle – Miller

Is there anything more precious than a fresh new baby?

Their smell, the little noises, the way their cheeks squish and how they yawn and stretch with their whole body.  I love it all!

I get so excited when parents choose one of my Grow With Me packages (for totally selfish reasons) because I get to see them change.  I love looking over the different milestones and seeing the little (and big) differences.  His Mama’s maternity session turned out beautifully as well.















I specialize in “Family” Photography (Children, Newborn, Birth and of course Families)
as well as weddings and focus on showcasing the unique bond
and beautiful connections that are found in your own relationships.

To book a session call (907-942-2358) or email

I would love to hear from you!

Half a year ago…

How is it possible that six whole months have passed since he was born!  With every child I have it seems like it goes even faster…  I wish I could bottle up his littleness and keep it forever!!!

I am LOVING his red hair :-)  Someone pointed out this past weekend that with a blonde, brown and now red I have a batch of Neapolitan going on in our gene pool!  I hope it stays this color as He gets older :-)

This month was kind of hard.  He has been teething and unfortunately he spent almost a week with a fever and He was obviously uncomfortable for much longer than that.  In the midst of all of his fussiness I finally was able to catch a happy morning and grab these images.  He is proudly showing off his FIRST tooth that he worked so hard to cut.

Noah 6 monthNoah 6month

My little 5 month old

I know I am a bit late this month but we had family visiting from Alaska. When you only get to see your family 1-2 times a year our world tends to stop spinning while they are around :-). This was the first time that my in-laws got to see Noah. My mom came down right after he was born so all that is left is my dad. He is planning on making the trip sometime next month!

Since last month Noah has learned to sit up by himself and he discovered his feet! I also can see some teeth outlines on his bottom gums. I think this month might be the last time I get to capture his gummy smile :-). He is growing up… Sometimes it makes me sad, but it is so much fun watching him discover and learn new things. The lighting wasn’t perfect, but life isn’t perfect and I love that I have this moment in print. I want to always remember how sweet this time in his life was <3


Beautiful Baby Kate

Kate was just a few days shy of 2 months old the day we did the photo shoot.  I have seen her since then and it seems like she has already changed!  It reminds me of how quickly time goes by when they are little.  I knew I would like baby photography, but I underestimated how much I would LOVE it!!!  Baby Kate was so sweet, and simply perfect <3  I can’t wait to watch her grow!!!

I worked with an Etsy vendor, Sara Grace Accessories and she provided all of the headbands for Kate.  She has some gorgeous accessories on her site!







31Kate 3x3

My Little 4 Month Old

Wow! I almost forgot about this months shoot… I only realized another month had passed because of my husbands birthday (same day, different month)

I am really enjoying this project so far! I love comparing them and seeing how he is changing :-)


Project 12: My Sweetie

This moths theme is “sweet”. You would think it would be an easy one… (But it wasn’t) I was trying to come up with something original and different and couldn’t seem to think of anything that was quite right. Last week I was trying out a few ideas with Lauren and the tutu I made her for Christmas. I will do a few things differently in the future (such as not using a cream floor drop with a white tutu) but overall I think they turned out really cute! She is ALL GIRL!!!


After we were done I was talking to her and the recycle truck rolled up. Instantly our conversation stopped and she was glued to the window. I was just struck by how simply beautiful she is and how much magic she sees in everyday life :-). These images just seem to reflect the magic she felt in that moment.




The contrast between the two sets of images is so striking to me! the first set is cute but the second set is who she is! It makes me that much more certain that I need to pursue lifestyle photography. It just resonates with me in ways that other types of photography doesn’t.

In our house she is know as our sweetie. She definitely makes life sweeter, there is no doubt about it and we were right on the money when we chose her nick name :-)

Noah is 3 months old!

Most babies are born with grey eyes and until they are around 3 months old you don’t really see much color. I wrapped him up in his blue blanket yesterday and I was struck by how blue his eyes are getting! I decided right then that his beautiful eyes were what I wanted to focus on for this shoot. :-)

My little boy blue :-)








My Project 12 – Black and White

I couldn’t help myself!  I saw a little girl playing dressed up with her mommy’s wedding dress on Pinterest and I knew instantly that I wanted a photo of Lauren in mine!!!  I decided to use this months theme of Black and White to capture it.  I am a mother before a photographer, so I am not sure if these are “technically perfect” but they are of my baby girl and I think she is absolutely beautiful. :-)DSC_0169 - Version 2DSC_0204 - Version 2DSC_0162DSC_0317 DSC_0206 DSC_0168 - Version 2 (2)DSC_0163 - Version 2

If you would like to join myself and some others in this project, head over to My Project 12 and take a look around!  The more, the merrier :-)