So you are interested in my 25% Commercial Licensing Discount!

As a photographer, I by default own (retain copyright) of all the images I take the moment my camera clicks. However, to be able to license them commercially (allow others to use them for marketing), I must get a waver from you stating that I have permission to use your physical likeness. :-)

With your permission, I will be able to submit the photos from your session, to stock photography sites where people/businesses will be able to purchase temporary use of the image(s).

Yes, I will *hopefully* make some money on your images after your photo session is complete, and that is why I want to share the goodness with you –> discounted session fee. <3


Common Questions:

Will my personal information be attached to the photos?
Nope! Your name and personal information will never be shared with your photos. They will be stand alone images with no locations, names or dates associated with them.

How will the photos be used?
Many times, small businesses can’t afford professional custom commercial photography, but they still need quality images for advertising. Most images that are sold are for pamphlets, emails, small signs, websites, and on a VERY rare occasion, a billboard. When the use rights are purchased, it is always for a specified amount of time. (typically 1-5 years)

Can I keep my photos if you sell the use rights?
Yes! With your session fee, I give you unrestricted personal use rights to the images I produce during your session. What you will be giving permission for, is commercial use, and that will not conflict with your personal rights to the images at all.