Huntsville and Madison Alabama Family Photography – Bridges

The amount of joy I get from seeing parents love on their most favorite people is a little over the top. lol.  Seriously though, I get home, off load my memory cards, back up the images, and then proceed to have a permanent grin on my face the whole time I am editing…  I have literally wondered why my face muscles are sore, and then realized that I was editing for longer than normal earlier that day.

This family makes my face hurt.  I can’t even stop smiling as I type this!  This is their land, with their people, on an evening that was so gorgeous it made me sequel as it unfolded.

These moments y’all, they are priceless.  Yes, I was there to document it all, but you know what makes these images so precious?  It’s not the paper they will be printed on, instead it’s that they are now tied to memories of a time that this little boy was still small enough to fit on his mamas lap.  They are valuable because he can sit on his daddy’s shoulders and that the adorable missing front tooth will soon be filled in with a new one.  They are priceless because even though life is exhausting when you have little ones, it is also beautifully simple.

Cling to that simple beauty.  It will disappear before you know it.

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