Huntsville and Madison Alabama Family Photography – Graves

They have two littles and she is pregnant with their third.  I remember this time of my own life, and it feels like forever ago.  How is it that it feels like days will never end, but then I blink and whole years have gone by?  Being a parent is tough.  Being a military family is tough.  This sweet mama wanted to document her baby’s 18 month birthday and get some family photos before their whole world changes yet again with the birth of their 3rd son.  I always get so sentimental when I think about the changes that happen when a new little soul is added to a family.  There is so much growth and stretching, and all in the most amazing, but sometimes uncomfortable ways.  This little guy gets to be the baby of the family for just a little while longer, and that is absolutely something that should be celebrated and documented. <3

Love tight, hug hard and don’t blink.

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