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Goodness!  I have had the most amazing string of repeat clients back to back lately, and I am in complete heaven because of it!

There is NOTHING I take as a bigger compliment than for someone to go through a whole session with me, from the very beginning, (planning, prep, communication and styling) shoot the actual session, and then to the end, (editing, delivery, product selection and delivery) to then RETURN to me and do it again.  It communicates complete satisfaction in a job well done.  It is an investment in me and their appreciation and confidence in my work.  This job is so personal.  It is an expression of my heart and emotions for all the moments I wanted to make tangible with my own children, but was not able.

I want my images to be beautiful, yes…  But more than that, I want them to help you relive a memory, so personal, that only you posses it.  I want them to make you remember so well that you can smell their hair, hear their sounds, and feel their weight as you held them.  Because that is what it really is about right?  Photos hold so much value to us, because they enable us to make our memories tangible, so we don’t have to worry that the details and moments will be forgotten.


Three years later and they are now four. <3

I specialize in “Family” Photography (Children, Newborn and of course Families) with a lifestyle and fine art twist.  I love this style blend as it helps me focus on showcasing beautiful connections while incorporating the imagination of the every day magical moments.

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