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Oh, this precious little boy…  Every detail chosen, was full of sentimental history.  From His name, all the way down to the blankets used, have deep roots in the family he was born to.

I can’t explain how beautiful it is to watch 2 people, who have fallen in love, so hard and quickly, with a new and completely dependent little soul.  The selflessness and strength that rises up, in shadow of unconditional adoration can take your breath away if you are watching for it.

I remember with my first, awake when I should have been sleeping, staring at the little miracle that God had given us.  So perfect in every detail.  Watching him as his blond eyelashes fluttered with his dreams.  In those moments I can remember feeling like I could hardly breathe from the weight of my love for him, and the reality of the 18+ years of responsibility.

It’s overwhelming

It’s exhausting

It’s a love story I never tire of seeing…

I specialize in “Family” Photography (Children, Newborn and of course Families) with a lifestyle and fine art twist.  I love this style blend as it helps me focus on showcasing beautiful connections while incorporating the imagination of the every day magical moments.

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