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I have been slow to finally get this blog posted, but since my sweet friend had her baby boy on Saturday, I think I should go ahead and get these online before I am posting the photos of her little bundle of squish!

Melody had never had maternity photos taken before.  This is her 4th and last baby, and when she asked me, I understood immediately.  I went through the same exact feelings when I finally decided to have maternity photos taken with 5th.  There is something horribly sentimental about knowing that it will be the last time you carry a baby inside of you.  It isn’t so much that I enjoy pregnancy (completely opposite in fact) but it was “the beginning of the end”…  The start of all of the “lasts”.

The last time I will be pregnant.

The last time I will nurse a child.

The last time I will be a mom of young kids.

The last time I will hold my own child for the first time.

The last time…

When I had our 5th child, I have been hyper aware at how time is slipping away and continued to count all of “the last” moments as my Madie has grown and matured.

Is there excitement for the next chapter?  Yes!  But that doesn’t change being sentimental and appreciative of the current chapter that is almost over.  So, so very much.  Amazing new things are on the horizon. <3

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