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Meet the Stang family. <3

Jenny was one of the first people I called a “good friend” after we moved here.  It had been almost 2 years, and I was struggling for connection.  It just so happened that we bumped in to each other at a home school get together, and I had a diaper the right size for her daughter because she forgot the diaper bag at home…  After talking for a bit, she said “I like you, we should hang out sometime.” and the rest is history.

I can’t tell you how many times I have thought back on that moment and felt overwhelmingly grateful for how generous she was with her acceptance.  You don’t meet a lot of people like that, and I am sure that God new that we needed each other for support for what was to come. I would bet that most of you moms understand how precious having a genuine friend is.  She was my lifeline to sanity those next few years as we were pregnant at the same time, parented 5 kids, home schooled them all, had husbands working through challenging situations and we both ran businesses side by side on top of it all.  She was someone who just “got it” when I needed to vent, cry, (although crying makes us both incredibly uncomfortable, so we did as little of that as possible) or just laugh with.

It is so easy to get drawn in to the idea of “Facebook friends” and how convenient it is because of our busy lives, that we settle for online connection.  We settle for that instead of prioritizing the time and work that it takes to coordinate schedules so you can sit on each others couches, talking, laughing, venting, worrying and discussing, all the while intentionally ignoring the mess that the kids are creating, because the conversation is really and truly that important.

Funny thing is that it’s been what feels like forever since she and I did that…

It’s time. <3

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