Huntsville & Madison’s Best Family Photographer – Bailey

My FAVORITE way to document a baby bump is to mix it with a family session.  I love having the excitement of the rest of the family reflected in the images.  I love capturing those moments of everything just as it is before their family dynamics change.  I just love watching families grow. (Just a heads up, if we ever are talking about having more kids, my answer will always be “yes” have another one. lol)

I am the oldest of 6 kids, and I have 5 kids of my own.  Honestly, it’s crazy y’all, but it’s so sweet, and SO worth it.  THEY are worth it.

I’m not talking about financially clothing them in the latest trends and brands, or giving them a full ride through college.  I am talking about bringing a new little soul in to this world.  Loving them, clothing them (in secondhand clothes if needed) and teaching them to be kind, teaching them to have character and love with their whole heart.

I’m talking about the sweetness of having a large family.

It’s hard.  It’s crazy.  It’s worth it. <3

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I specialize in “Family” Photography (Children, Newborn and of course Families) with a focus on genuine moments.

I love this approach as it helps me focus on showcasing beautiful connections

while incorporating the imagination of the every day magical moments.