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One of my most favorite parts about being a photographer, is that I am asked to be a part and see the most beautiful and special times of life.  This sweet little bug was the last person I photographed before all of the social distancing started, and I am SO GLAD that the timing worked out!  I had the beautiful privilege of documenting his big brother when he was just as new, and I would have been so sad to have missed the opportunity to photograph his little brother.

It is truly a special thing to go in to someones home, their private space, and document intimate, and authentic emotions.  I have seen so much beauty and love over these past 7 years, as I have looked through my lens.  I can honestly say, that what has pushed me forward, in my skill and education, is the desire to do these moments justice.  To document them not just as they were, but also how they felt.  I want the images I take, to remind those that are in them, how their new baby smelled, their weight, their tiny details that melt away with time, and to bring back the first person memories associated with that time of their life.

Photos for me aren’t just to document.  They are ultimately for memory preservation.  They are the insurance that I invest in, so I know without a doubt, that I will never forget all of the things about the people I love the most in this life.  They are my visual time capsule, and I want that for every person that steps in front of my lens as well.

Photography is the gift of never forgetting, and speaking as a mother, that is a priceless thing to have. <3

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I specialize in “Family” Photography (Children, Newborn and of course Families) with a focus on genuine moments.

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