Project 12: Bridges

I had a whole other idea planned for this month but I waited too long, and it has rained quite a bit, and it just didn’t happen…  This was my backup plan and I am really pleased with how it turned out!  I know they may not be “fantastic” but they are of my little boy (who wont be so little before I know it) playing with his trains and bridges.  He LOVES the bridges.  He asks if we can get more for his train set often.

_DSC0035 as Smart Object-1I love watching him play, making the sound effects, having the trains talk to each other, he creates a whole world in his imagination and I know I want to remember every detail forever. _DSC0015 as Smart Object-1 _DSC0023 as Smart Object-1_DSC0014 as Smart Object-1_DSC0012 as Smart Object-1 _DSC0011 as Smart Object-1 _DSC0010 as Smart Object-1