Project 12 – Chicken Little

We got chickens!!!

Our whole family is pretty excited about them but Ethan is by far the most excited :-)  We don’t have any other pets so he thinks this is a pretty big deal!  We got 8 of them but 2 of them are little and those are his favorite :-)  We have to get on to him about carrying them around everywhere!!!


We let them free range during the day in our backyard so first he has to catch them!  He is getting pretty good at it actually :-)


“Got him!!!” (yes, he refers to all of our hens as “him”) ;-)


See mom!


He LOVES this chicken!  This is the one he carries around ALL the time…  (poor chicken)


We are still working on names…  If you have any suggestions please leave a comment!


He is a good little chicken :-)

I wonder if she will still let Ethan carry her around like this when she gets older?


After a little while her little friend came over to say hello :-)


Please leave a comment and let me know what you think :-)