Project 12: Fire

This month has been CRAZY!  We are going on vacation, the garden is producing like mad, I have been canning my brains out and Noah is teething and not very happy about it!  I originally thought this month would play out so that I could do a shoot with fire weed in Alaska (on vacation) but after taking a closer look at the calendar I realized I needed to come up with another idea…  Well, I have been wanting to work on my “low light” skills so I decided to use fire as my only source of light.  I am still trying to figure out how to not have a flair without Photoshopping it out, but I like how they developed and to see Laurens serious side is a change.  She is such a smiley expressive and entertaining little girl, I don’t get to see this side of her often. :-)

_DSC0268 as Smart Object-1I can’t decide if I like this better in color or black and white…  What do you think?

_DSC0268 as Smart Object-1bwLove her eyelashes <3

_DSC0245 as Smart Object-1“Mommy, why is fire yellow?”

_DSC0256 as Smart Object-1She is so innocent, so beautiful, so perfect.

_DSC0265 as Smart Object-1“Mommy, when can I blow it out?”

_DSC0285 as Smart Object-1It is late…  goodnight :-)