June 2013

Burk Family Photos – Madison Alabama

Oh my goodness!  I absolutely loved this session :-)  It helps to have fantastic clients with the most gorgeous daughter!!!  Her eyes are simply amazing and her personality shines through.  Melissa and Randall are over the moon for her and I absolutely love being able to make intangible moments last forever!  I hope you enjoy looking at these memories as much as I enjoyed capturing them!



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Project 12: Bridges

I had a whole other idea planned for this month but I waited too long, and it has rained quite a bit, and it just didn’t happen…  This was my backup plan and I am really pleased with how it turned out!  I know they may not be “fantastic” but they are of my little boy (who wont be so little before I know it) playing with his trains and bridges.  He LOVES the bridges.  He asks if we can get more for his train set often.

_DSC0035 as Smart Object-1I love watching him play, making the sound effects, having the trains talk to each other, he creates a whole world in his imagination and I know I want to remember every detail forever. _DSC0015 as Smart Object-1 _DSC0023 as Smart Object-1_DSC0014 as Smart Object-1_DSC0012 as Smart Object-1 _DSC0011 as Smart Object-1 _DSC0010 as Smart Object-1

Six + One = Seven :-)

He has been so much more expressive this month.  He is using his voice a lot more and when he is happy he just bounces, hands and feet dancing :-)  His personality is showing more and more and I am loving getting to know him better!  He is desperately trying to figure out the crawling thing.  I have a feeling by next month he will have it figured out.  Unfortunately I think that will make my life a lot more complicated ;-)

I love how these turned out.  It was the first shoot I did with him outside and he absolutely loved it! (although due to the teething he isn’t super smiley these days)  We have LOTS of clover around here and it doesn’t take long for the little clover flowers to pop up all over your lawn. (I don’t mind though because I think they are pretty :-) )

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_DSC0307 as Smart Object-1  _DSC0325 as Smart Object-1

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_DSC0344 as Smart Object-1I am absolutely LOVING golden hour!!! :-D