Chavez Newborn

I have ALWAYS loved the baby stage.  It seems to me that it is the most honest period of life.  They cry when something is wrong, smile with genuine delight, depend on with complete trust and love unconditionally.  When they are little, life is so simple.  Don’t get me wrong, being parent is HARD, and you may be in a sleep deprived stupor for 5 years straight, but it IS simple.  Nothing is wrong that cant be cured with a nap, snuggles, clean diaper or food.  When they get older all of the sudden you have to correct, instruct and discipline…  I much prefer the part at the very beginning. lol.  That may be why I have 5 kids!

This sweet little peanut was welcomed by 2 big brothers.  She is the youngest, the only girl and their last.  She has no idea of how fiercely she is loved already even though she has been on this earth for such a short time.

You are loved

You are cherished

You are a blessing

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