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Ok, so funny story,

I send out a questionnaire to all of my clients before their session.  It’s a way for me to find out what you really want out of your session, the colors, the environment you are envisioning, unique family dynamics and I also ask for a little “insider info” if you have kids so I can connect with them a little faster and make them feel comfortable.

So I got the questionnaire back around 3 weeks before their session, and was “skimming” through…

  • Bringing their 2 dogs – Check!
  • Dogs are huge – Check!
  • Lists all of their names – Check! (I am HORRIBLE with names.  More on that in a sec)
  • Chewy has 23 thousand followers on Instagram – WOW! Check!
  • “Can we use some of the photos on his IG account?” – Of course! Check!

I reply and say everything looks great and of course they can use images on Instagram!

Fast forward to the day of their session…  I am actually READING their questionnaire again (Trying to commit their names to memory because I suck at remembering names.  Shoot!  I can’t remember my own kids names half the time!) and realize that it isn’t her husband that has 23k followers on IG but their 150# Newfoundland dog Chewy’s account! HA!

So long story short.  I suck at names.  I try, but it really is not my strength, and I am sorry, but at this point it probably will get worse not better. lol

So this is me, introducing Chewy, the 3 year old 150# Newfoundland Puppy, with over THIRTY TIMES as many followers than I do! lol <3

I specialize in “Family” Photography (Children, Newborn and of course Families) with a lifestyle and fine art twist.  I love this style blend as it helps me focus on showcasing beautiful connections while incorporating the imagination of the every day magical moments.

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