Huntsville & Madison Family Lifestyle Photographer Jenni M Photography – Heerdink

I absolutely LOVE in home lifestyle sessions!  There is something about kids being in their own space, lack of posing, the beautiful LIFE that happens inside the place we call home.  Sentimental details are everywhere, memories around every single corner and every single bit of it is something I want to remember with my own family.  This sweet little one is the last of 3 girls and her mommy decided she wanted images to help remember those little moments that we so quickly forget.  The way she snuggles, plays with her toes when she nurses, so close to crawling but not quite yet, the look of adoration when she looks at her big sisters, the faces and the dimpled fingers and curly toes.

Maybe I love doing these sessions so much because it has a way of bringing those memories back for me and my own children as well. <3

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I specialize in “Family” Photography (Children, Newborn, Birth and of course Families)
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