Huntsville, Madison & Decatur’s Best Family Photographer – Nena’s Airplane

Over these past 7 (almost 8) years of shooting professionally, I have been invited in to so many different beautiful lives, and given a glimpse of what makes their heart truly happy. I ask about a combination of history, family, possessions and moments in my “preparation questionnaire” that all of my clients receive, as we plan out the details of their session. You see, those things, places and people give context for their images. It gives the viewer (even if they are a stranger) a peek in to the interests and heart of those who are represented in the images. Even more importantly though, the images will represent all the sweetness of this very moment in time to their owner. Right now. Before anything changes. I ask about interests in my questionnaire, because those interests are a reflection of who that person is, and what they choose to pour themselves in to and spend their time investing in.

When Nena asked me to come to the air field to take photos with her airplane and her grand babies, I just couldn’t resist. I am always game for changing things up (If you hadn’t noticed, I typically plant myself in the middle of a grass field, not an air field. lol) and immediately looked forward to getting a peek in to the source of her joy. As we talked, it was quite obvious that one of her favorite things to do is to “hop over” to Atlanta in her air plane to visit her grand kids. <3

I have had such a fun time editing these images. Sometimes, having a fresh perspective and a change of scenery is good for the soul. <3

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